This site is dedicated to the 2003 - 2004 SVT Mustang Cobra - One of the fastest cars in its day and still is today.


This page is for personal performance numbers of your Terminator Cobra. If you want to add your numbers to the page, please send the Data Administrator an E-mail with "performance numbers" in the subject line. Include the following: Year, dyno sheet if available, peak hp numbers, peak torque numbers, best 1/4 mile if available, best reaction time if available, and best trap speed for both if available, and modifications done to your car. Please see the sample below. All numbers will be from best to least best.


300 - 399 hp / 400 - 499 hp / 500 - 599 hp / 600 - 699 hp / 700 - 799 hp / 800 - 899 hp / 900 hp and up


300 - 399 hp




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Peak Horsepower Numbers
Peak Torque Numbers
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Best Reaction Time

Best Trap Speed 1/4 mile
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